How Globetrotter increases sales with

The background of our case study is as follows: In the past 12 months, one citizen out of ten has had a negative experience with shopping on the internet. By mid-September 2020, consumer advice centers had already received twice as many complaints about fake shops as in the entire previous year. As a result, more than one-third of all Germans are “fairly” concerned about becoming a victim of online fraud. This is why it is important to support authorized retailers with a forgery-proof shop seal like the one from Since the seal can only be awarded to online shops by the authorizing brands themselves, consumers can be sure of the safety and authenticity of the online purchasing process.

But do the customers take any notice?

In our case study of January 2021 involving 1 million users of the online travel and outdoor goods specialist, we demonstrate that the real-time seal “Authorized Partner” with TÜV-ShopIdent boosts conversion rates—even in the case of a reputable and trustworthy retailer brand.

Follow the download link and see for yourself.

Case Study Globetrotter