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Create strong customer loyalty and increase your turnover through trust.

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Authorization by brands

Obtain the authorization your brand partners have received over the authorized.by platform and expand your network of partners through the search and query function — a stable network is a valuable component of your portfolio, investment, and sales planning.

Sicherheit im digitalen Handel mit authorized.by®

Realtime seal with TÜV ShopIdent verification

Show your customers that you are a trustworthy, authorized brand partner. A cross-sector realtime seal is effective support in distinguishing you from non-vetted retailers, as trust as the basis of successful digital commerce.

Product content updates

Gain access to product data updates from your brand partners and offer your customers the best purchasing experience they can get thanks to the very latest product content. Reduce data entry work and expense, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Maximum trust at a glance

Effortlessly implement authorized.by’s cross-sector realtime seal and show your customers you are an authorized brand partner straightaway — at both shop and product level. Additional verification of your identity as an official vendor by TÜV®, the widely known mark of Germany’s key certification body, makes a customer’s decision to purchase a product easier, and enhances your conversion rate. Trust is a key success factor here.

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Authorize your online shop

Use the authorized.by platform to ask your partner brands for confirmation you are an authorized online retailer for them. Present potential brand partners your profile, create new links by using the search and query function, or just let others find you. It only takes a few clicks to expand your network of partners and strengthen your business relations.

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Autorisierung von Online-Shop mit authorized.by®
Aktueller Product Content für den eCommerce mit authorized.by®

Product content updates

Automatic notification of an update, marked so you can’t miss it, means your product content will always be up to date. That way, you can satisfy your customers’ increasing need for information and reduce the number of broken-off purchases and returns you see. We will help you gain a strong market standing and benefit from competitive advantages.

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Signed, sealed and delivered — higher conversion rate and increased turnover.


To what extent does a seal of approval influence purchasing behavior in online shops? After analyzing this issue in a large-scale A/B test study, travel and outdoor retailer Globetrotter was surprised by how it affects conversion rates, shopping cart content and turnover.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

The authorized.by realtime seal shows your customers at a glance that you are a trustworthy, authorized brand partner. Used at both shop and product level, the realtime seal will effectively help you in distinguishing yourself from non-vetted retailers and then have a positive effect on your conversion rate.

Once integrated in a web shop, authorized.by’s realtime seal visualizes the stable relationship between a brand and shop — across all sectors. The seal, a simply understood visual form of approval, is always clearly in sight on a page, but disappears when scrolling on handhelds so as not to block the view of your products or important shop content. Authorization is by our open authorization platform named authorized.by.

This platform enables you to obtain verification by your major partner brands and benefit from the boost in trust that comes with official authorization. The search and query function offers you unlimited possibilities for inquiring about authorization and expanding your network. Being awarded authorized brand partner status will increase consumer trust and the conversion rate of your web shop, as shown by a January 2021 case study with Globetrotter.

You receive authorization, and the realtime seal associated with it, from your partner brands via the Search and Request function of our platform. There is no limit to the number of brands you may ask for authorization. You can incorporate your realtime seal in your shop directly after registering for free.

As a shop operator, you have the option of integrating the real-time seal on the right-hand edge of your shop (sidebar), in the header of your online shop (header), in the footer of your shop (footer), or even directly on the product (content). In addition, you can position the seals at other points and adapt them individually with the help of our integration instructions according to your ideas. We would be happy to support you in the effective integration of the seals. In addition, you can test the seal in the Sandbox.

To make sure your realtime seal is displayed properly, you need an authorized.by profile. If you haven’t created a profile yet, you can register here free of charge. Our integration instructions are a step-by-step guide to incorporating and positioning the seal down to the last pixel. You can use all the common e-shop plug-ins for easy integration of the seal. In addition, you can test the seal in the Sandbox.

Yes. You’ll get access to the authorized.by platform straight after registration and e-mail verification, and can request an unlimited number of authorizations from your partner brands. Show potential partners your profile, make new connections through the search and query function, or let other brands find you. Every confirmation you receive from a brand will automatically be shown in your realtime seal and the corresponding certificate.

Use our “Start for free” button in the header of our website. Select “I am a retailer”, and follow the few steps to registration. Since brand manufacturers also use the platform to source new retailers, we recommend creating a profile and filling it out as far as possible. That way it will be easier to find you, and you will expand your network faster as well. We’ve added an icon (eye) to mark especially important fields. It goes without saying that you can also work on your profile as a team by simply adding further people to it.

Authorization by brands and use of the realtime seal cost nothing for online shops in the FREE version. Added-value features to improve conversion and network expansion are enabled when booking the chargeable STARTER and PREMIUM services and are clearly marked as such. There is an overview of all features here.

Yes. The realtime seal is automatically adapted to match the status of your authorization. Your seal will appear as soon as the first verification appears from your brand partners, and it will update automatically as soon as it’s followed by more authorizations.

With TÜV ShopIdent, you show your store customers that you are an authorized brand partner and that the identity of your web shop has been verified by TÜV Saarland. The booking is made via the authorized.by platform, which also provides you with all the relevant information for carrying out the Easy Audit. TÜV ShopIdent is a premium feature at a low price.

A large number of brands and manufacturers manage their product data through authorized.by and provide them for download by their authorized partners, for example as a CSV or Excel file. Retailers can then decide whether they want to download any further assets in addition to the master data – such as images, documents, and videos – via the feed, or to download the assets singly or in bulk. Through automatic update notifications, with the updates clearly marked as such – both in the feed and in the product section of your authorized.by profile – you can always see at a glance what’s new about a product. The products in your shop will then be up to date, ensuring optimal time-to- market.

In technical development of the realtime seal, great emphasis was placed on avoiding any negative influence on the aspect of loading time, which is vitally important for online shops. The seal was developed for high performance and scalability. The contents of the seal are loaded asynchronously from the Amazon cloud (in Frankfurt, Germany) and can effortlessly handle high loads in conjunction with technologies such as a load balancer and the latest caching methods. Leading international companies use AWS Amazon, just like authorized.by.

The realtime seal contains visible, shop-domain-related components and is therefore easy for customers to recognize. The certificates that accompany the realtime seal are physically stored on the authorized.by server with secure SSL encryption, so they cannot be edited or falsified by third parties.

If you are a member of our partners bevh, BOVH, the German Bundesverband Parfümerien e.V.or the HDE, you will receive a discount of 21 per cent on your annual booking. We also have a Partnership Program. Please contact us for details.

If you have any questions or need assistance in integrating your realtime seal or creating your authorized.by profile, just contact our team. Someone will always be available to help.

Call +49 89 716 723-700 between 9:00 and 18:00 hrs (CET) or send an e-mail to support@authorized.by. You can also arrange a live demo or use our live chat.