TRUST - the critical success factor for your online-shop!

Show your costumers that you are
an authorized brand-dealer

Free of charge for Shops

TRUST - the critical success factor for your online-shop!

Become an authorized brand partner –
show your customers that you are reliable

Free of charge for Shops

Nothing keeps you from being better than the rest

Aktuelle Produkt-Daten direkt vom Hersteller durch

The Most Current Content provides you access to the brand manufacturers’ most recent product information – directly accessible for your shop system. Be a step ahead of your competitors with update notifications.

Höhere Conversion-Rate durch

A Higher Conversion Rate

Boost your customers’ shopping experience by labeling your products as genuine. supports you to verify the reliability of your online shop as an authorized brand-dealer, which positively influences your conversion.

Mehr Sicherheit durch das Vertrauens-Siegel von

Stable Relations With Brands

Stabilize your brand portfolio as a pillar of your prosperity. Reliable brand relations are a prerequisite for effective portfolio-, investment- and sales planning. Stabilize your success!

Free of charge for online shops

The best solution to improve your positioning as a reliable authorized brand-dealer. FREE OF CHARGE

Immer aktuelle Produktdaten direkt vom Hersteller


The Brand-Content-Stream provides you with access to the most recent product information directly provided by the manufacturer. It can even be integrated into your shop system instantly. This significantly reduces your data-entry costs.

Abgrenzung durch Autorisierung mit

Certificate & Trust-Seal

Easily implement our trust-seal free of charge. This boosts your customers’ shopping experience and increases your conversion rate at the same time. Trust – the critical success factor for your e-commerce company.

Verified Product Product and Authorized Dealer -
Einladen und Netzwerk erweitern für Retailer

How to Authorize Your Shop

Request a confirmation of authorization from your brand dealers and receive a certificate visible to your shop customers. Quick and easy – through the unlimited invite-function!

The best authorization solution for your online shop

Start now free of charge

Frequently asked Questions

How do I receive the authorization and the trust-seal?

The authorization and the trust seal are provided through to your dealer brands. You can invite your brand dealers to initiate the authorization process via the unlimited invite function. Immediately after your signup you will receive your personal integration code for the trust seal which enables you to integrate the seal into your shop quick and easy.

Where will the trust seal be displayed on my webpage?

The are different implementation options for the trust seal including a Shopware plugin and a Magento extension. The standard implementation option is floating on the right-hand side of the screen. For further options please refer to the comprehensive implementation manual.

How does the authorization process work?

The verification process operates through an API in real time or respectively the authorization will be verified automatically at least once a day. The basis for the verification process is the integration of the trust-seal or of the snippet-codes respectively (instructions for the integration will be provided in your account after signing up).

How do I integrate the trust seal in my webpage?

The integration of the trust seal is particularly easy. We will provide you with comprehensive instruction how to integrate the trust seal in the app. After setting up an account with us you will be able to access these instructions. But do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Is the integration and usage of the seal completely free of charge?

For online shops the authorization requests and the implementation of the trust seal are free of charges. Further features like the matching tool for finding new brand dealers, managing the badge content and marketing support by us are premium features which entail costs and are clearly marked in the platform. More information regarding the pricing can be found in the price list.

Is it safe that only genuine products will be distributed?

Online shops authorized by brand manufacturers assure their customers and dealer brands that they will only sell genuine products of the authorized brand. The customers can therefore be sure that products offered are verified originals sold by an authorized dealer of the brand.

How will I receive the product information of the manufacturer?

The manufacturer adds his product data through and makes the data available for the recipients. You can download the data (e.g. as a CSV file) and use it on your system. You will always be notified immediately about changes in the content and will therefore be able to be ahead of your competitors.