® allows brand manufacturers to label authorized dealers and official brand shops – tamper-proof and in real time. This is how they ensure a consistent brand experience and strengthen their authorized dealer network.

Authorization shown by a realtime seal.

The® platform makes online shops an authorized brand partner. Authorization is displayed as a realtime seal once the brand has confirmed the retailer. Trusted shops can distinguish themselves from unvetted vendors this way. For greater transparency and better conversion in digital commerce.

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Making online purchases transparent.

The realtime seal with tamper-proof certification enables customers to recognize authorized partners and their brand products at a glance. They have a greater sense of security when buying a product online thanks to transparency.

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Identity verified.

Additional confirmation of an online vendor’s identity is provided by the TÜV® mark, which is recognized worldwide. A dependable mark that makes digital commerce even more secure.

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Active control in digital commerce.

Through the® platform, brand manufacturers can actively control the sale of their products in digital commerce by visibly authorizing their trusted online partners. This protects the brand and its reputation.

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The® platform.

With the Authorization Management Platform (AMP), brand manufacturers and online stores maintain their profiles and organize their eCommerce partnerships. The mutual inquiry and search function, features such as the consistent provision of current product data and key figures on partners, optimize processes and ensure efficient collaboration.

Plattform Autorisierung®

For brands.

  • Active brand control
  • Expansion of your network of partners
  • A clear indication of reliable, trusted vendors
  • Realtime analysis of product data and visibility
  • Better conversion for online retailers
  • Brand transparency and trust among customers
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For shops.

  • Partner authorization by brands and manufacturers
  • Realtime seal with TÜV ShopIdent verification
  • Greater conversion through trust
  • Updated product content
  • Less data entry work and expense
  • Shorter time to market
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More than 4,600 companies already use the® platform.

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