Show that you are trustworthy

TÜV-ShopIdent assures consumers that they are buying from an online shop whose identity has been verified by TÜV Saarland. In combination with the authorization conferred by the realtime seal "Authorized Partner", this supports safe shopping and demonstrably increases conversion rates in webshops.

Identitätsprüfung im eCommerce mit® und TÜV-ShopIdent

Only 3 steps to your TÜV-ShopIdent


Booking „TÜV-ShopIdent“

TÜV-ShopIdent shows customers in your shop that you are an authorized brand partner and that the identity of your webshop has been verified by TÜV Saarland. Book TÜV-ShopIdent via the platform, where you can also find all the relevant information on conducting the Easy Audit. TÜV-ShopIdent is a premium feature at a small price.


Verification of your online shop

In the course of the verification process, TÜV Saarland checks that the company information in the Imprint section of the respective shop is identical with the company's entry in the Commercial Register, and that the authorized representative can be contacted by post. In addition, a verification code is used to prove that domain administrator rights exist for the shop domain.


Incoporation of the seal in your shop

After successful verification, the supplementary seal "TÜV-ShopIdent" will be incorporated in your shop. Integration takes place manually or with common shop plug-ins. Subsequently, you can go to your profile to adapt the position of the seals to the individual circumstances in your shop.

Customer examples

With 99% brand awareness, TÜV® is one of the most trusted names among consumers.

Signed, sealed and delivered—higher conversion rate and increased turnover.


To what extent does a seal of approval influence purchasing behavior in online shops? After analyzing this issue in a large-scale A/B test study, travel and outdoor retailer Globetrotter was surprised by how it affects conversion rates, shopping cart content and turnover.

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