How does authorization on eBay work?

Brand manufacturers use the® platform to verify those retailers authorized by the brand to sell certain products on the eBay marketplace.

Retailers can ask for authorization by their partner brands cost-free through the® platform.

Verified authorization is automatically sent to eBay, and the products that the authorized retailer is offering customers are then labeled by eBay using the manufacturer’s logo or the “Authorized Retailer” symbol.

Verification is visible in two places: after the product search, the familiar blue badge and a tick appear in the list together with the brand logo and the wording “Authorized Retailer” on the product. On the “Shopping basket” or “Buy now” page — above the ratings — you’ll see the brand logo again and the words “Authorized Retailer”.

The signs of trust thus created show potential customers that the retailer is authorized by the manufacturer, increasing their willingness to purchase a product and the shop’s conversion rate.

How do retailers go about becoming an authorized eBay reseller?

To request authorization, create a retailer profile on® first of all.

Follow these steps:

After verification of your authorization by the brand manufacturer and confirmation by eBay, recognition as an authorized retailer will appear.

Attention: If you need an authorization to sell FFP2 masks or disinfectant on eBay, please follow this notice.

Create a free retailer profile now

Are you a brand owner? Do you want to identify your authorized retailers on eBay?

To participate in the eBay “Authorized Retailer” program, create your free brand profile on the® platform. By ordering the “Send to Marketplace” option, you can easily authorize your retailers and manage them centrally through the platform.

What has to be done?

By supporting the® platform, you benefit from speedy, clear, and process-optimized partner administration that enables you to identify further shop partners beyond eBay at no extra cost.

Note: Please mind following mandatory requirements for the participation in the "Authorized Retailer program":
  • Independent web presence of the brand
  • At least 3-10 retailers, who will be authorized
  • Relevant search volume on eBay
  • Private brands, i.e. you are both a manufacturer and a dealer, cannot be authorized
  • Medical masks, corona quick tests and other mouth-nose-covers are excluded (further information can be found here)
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