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Our team at® is committed to providing security in digital commerce. It consists of experienced IT experts, industrial professionals, and marketing, sales, and customer success specialists — all with a background in digital commerce — backed by the expertise of prestigious law firms focused on European and international trademark, copyright, and competition law.® is a member of the TÜV Saarland Group.

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The idea for the platform originated in 2016.

The customer base now includes 2500+ renowned brands such as Stanley Black & Decker, GIANT, Patek Philippe, Napoleon Grill, MAMMUT, Lowa, Stabilo, and their retailers such as Globetrotter, Alternate, Fahrrad-XXL, etc.

Since 2019, has been a part of the TÜV Saarland Group.

In 2020, the company became an official Solution Partner of GS1, an official eBay Authorization Partner as part of the ‘eBay Authorized Sellers’ program, and also an official partner of the Amazon Brand Registry.

In 2021, EuroDNS, one of the world’s leading domain registrars, became a shareholder of GmbH.

The company is headquartered in Munich.

Our partners.

The® platform

Trust and turnover are closely linked in digital commerce. is a B2B authorization platform enabling manufacturers and brands to indicate reliable brand ambassadors by way of an across-the-board realtime quality seal at shop or product level.

Brands and manufacturers use the platform to organize product content for their online partners by granting them licenses and rights of access and use. This way, they can proactively control how their brand is perceived in digital commerce, at the same time optimizing processes with their sales partners. What’s more, insights on the performance of their products in digital commerce create a sound basis for planning.

Online shops benefit from authorization of their partner brands by a realtime “Authorized Partner” seal with ‘ShopIdent’ verification from TÜV, the German certification body — visible confirmation that vetted digital retailers are authorized brand partners. This seal clearly distinguishes them from other vendors, enhancing customer loyalty, readiness to purchase products, and ultimately retailers’ turnover.

The platform not only facilitates collaboration, but also optimizes the entire process from initialization and verification to the establishment of successful partnerships between brands and retailers.

By following proven principles of social networks and implementing efficient verification and communication mechanisms, creates real added value for brands and retailers alike.

The result of this is central management, optimized business processes, verified partnerships, and higher turnover.

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