Why authorized.by?

Actively control the positioning of your brand in digital commerce.

Sicherheit im digitalen Handel mit authorized.by®

Increase brand revenue

By awarding your retailers the realtime "Authorized Partner" seal, you reinforce consumer confidence in your brand and increase your revenue via authorized retailers.


Consistent brand image

Provide your retail partners with your latest product data easily and centrally to guarantee the consistent image of your brand-name products in online shops.

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Make better decisions

Cross-retailer insights will allow you to offer the right merchandise at the right time and measure the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

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Authorized Partner

Labelling of retail partners in realtime.

Increase your brand-name product revenue in digital commerce by granting your authorized retail partners the realtime Authorized Partner seal. With forgery-proof certificates in realtime, the cross-sector online seal is confirmation for the consumer that a retailer is a legitimate vendor for your products. Prevent uncontrolled digital growth—promote trust and safety at the digital PoS.

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Product Content

Consistent product data for your retailers.

Provide authorized retailers with up-to-date product information and control utilization and access rights with Product Content Share. Brand partners are automatically informed about content updates, and you receive feedback on the actual call-off of the latest data. Increase the consistent display of your brand-name products by authorized retailers and offer consumers the best shopping experience.

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Insights & Product Analytics

Data-driven decisions

Cross-retailer insights ensure transparency regarding actual hits on your brand-name products. Make evidence-based decisions when planning your requirements, sales and turnover and offer the right products at the right time in future—and effortlessly monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns at the same time.

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Protect your D2C sales

The seal of approval “The Official Brand Shop” with TÜV-ShopIdent assures shoppers that they are buying directly from the brand. The fraud-proof labeling of the brand’s own online store creates trust at the digital PoS and protects the brand’s image and the consumer.

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Autorisierungs-Badge Authorized Partner für lokalen Handel

Stationary Retail

Recognize authorized partners at the store door.

Take your local retail network to a new level of credibility and trust. Mounted in the entrance or checkout area, the Local Store Badge presents your recognition at the store door, even after store opening hours. With a simple scan, your customers receive a tamper-proof confirmation of the authentic partnership with the retailer – in real time. This increases the trust, presence and integrity of your brand and empowers your customers to actively protect themselves against counterfeiting and unauthorized distribution.

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The answer for brands and manufacturers


Authorize as many retailers as you like

Use the unlimited authorization, search, and query functions, and expand your authorized digital commerce network as much as you like.

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The realtime seal with a certificate

Give your digital commerce partners a realtime seal of approval and certificate to show customers that the dealers are authorized to sell your brand.

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Proactively control the selling of your brand products through the authorized.by dashboard and obtain valuable figures on your partners and use of the realtime seal.

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Reports on violation

Find out about possible violations of a dealer's claim to sell original products — directly from their customers.

Icon Conversionsteigerung authorized.by®

Higher conversion

Increase the conversion rate for your digital sales by identifying your authorized dealers and building customers' trust in them.

Icon Product Content Stream authorized.by®

Product content stream

Ensure your product data is kept up to date and stays consistent by automatically supplying updates and confirming that your retailers may use your data.

Icon Lizenz Management authorized.by®

License management

Set up rights of access and use for your sales partners by using customizable content license agreements.

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Interface with your existing product data management — it's simple to do and fast.

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Marketplace authorization

Control authorization of your retailers centrally on authorized.by, even for marketplaces like eBay.

In good company

Leading brands use the authorized.by® platform to authorize and manage their digital distribution partners.

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Frequently asked questions.

The authorized.by® platform enables brands and manufacturers to authorize trustworthy online business partners by using a realtime seal valid across the board. Giving you more trust and security in digital commerce.

The purpose of our cross-sector seal is to show visitors to the shop within seconds that they have found a trustworthy brand partner. Online shoppers are familiar with online certification and one-click verification of tamper-proof online certificates, so the visual and functional presentation of the seal convincingly prove its authenticity. Since the authorized.by® seal is used across the board in online shops, it will become a familiar sight to customers, which benefits shop customers, authorized online retailers and their brand partners alike.

With authorized.by you actively control the positioning of your brand in digital commerce, as well as strengthening trustworthy business partners and increasing conversion of your products in digital commerce.

Simply look for your business partners on the authorized.by platform and authorize them with a click, individually or automatically. As soon as the online shop has confirmed the authorization, it can incorporate the “Authorized Partner” seal in its web shop. The realtime seal of approval that checks the legitimation to sell your products is linked to tamper-proof certificates, ensuring the trust and security of your end consumers. It can be supplemented by TÜV ShopIdent – verification of the web shop by the respected German inspection authority.

You can also provide your digital commerce partners with your updated product content via the platform. You can manage the content via access rights and monitor its use, which guarantees the consistency of content throughout your authorized retailer network.

To manage your business partner’s request, register via “Start for free” button on the authorized.by platform. You can check and approve the request here – if it is from a partner you trust. You will receive an e-mail confirmation via the platform.

When you have registered via the website, you can search for your online partners on the platform by name or by entering categories. If you would like to authorize the retailer, you can send a mail directly via the platform. This will inform the shop operator about your authorization, which can be accepted with just one click. Register here

An authorized online shop can integrate the “Authorized Partner” seal in its shop directly via plug-ins (or manually). Your brand is displayed in the shop operator’s seal, thereby clearly demonstrating the relationship between your brand and the shop. The shop benefits from increased conversion created by added trust – and you strengthen the image of your brand.

When you book the Start and Premium package, the dashboard of the authorized.by platform gives you valuable key figures on the number and structure of your authorized partners, use of the realtime seal, and update status of the product data used by your retailers. Go to Prices to find out more.

The realtime seal will appear once it has been incorporated into the pages of your partner’s online shop — as a rule, it is put in the right-hand margin of each page. Your digital commerce partners also have a number of different options for displaying the seal at product and shop level.

For online shops the authorization requests and the implementation of the trust seal are free of charge. Further features like the matching tool for finding new brand-dealers, managing the badge content and marketing support by us are premium features which entail costs and are clearly marked in the platform. More information on pricing can be found in the price list.

Yes. Straight after registering for free and getting e-mail verification, you will be granted access to the authorized.by platform and can immediately start to authorize your digital commerce partners. As an option, you can allow shops you have authorized to access your current product data and thus improve your products’ time to market.

Manage your authorized digital commerce partners centrally, easily and securely with the help of authorized.by. Use the authorization platform to control your verified partnerships, provide selected online retailers with the realtime seal and, as an option, your updated product data. The unlimited authorization function allows you to invite members of your existing network with just a few clicks on authorized.by and continuously expand your authorized digital commerce network.

Yes. There is a Personal Assistant in your authorized.by account who will guide you through the platform and explain all the functions to you step by step. You can also contact our Service Team by mail or by phone. We will also be glad to help you get started with the management of your product data.

Use the Brand Sponsoring function to support selected online retailers with the product seal “Authorized Partner” – with the additional option TÜV ShopIdent” – by meeting their costs. An effective tool for selective marketing of your brand!

Our team is always glad to help!

Call +49 89 716 723-700 between 9:00 and 18:00 hrs (CET) or send an e-mail to support@authorized.by. You can also arrange a live demo or use our live chat.

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Your Fast Lane to Ebay and Amazon's brand protection programs.

Direct connection to the Ebay “Authorized Dealer” program and the Amazon “Brand Registry” enables holistic management of brand strategy and perception – even on the leading marketplaces. VIP support, exclusive information events and webinars included.