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The Seal that grows as you go

Start now: create an account for your online shop now and integrate your trust seal immediately – of course free of charge. Ask your dealers to be confirmed as an authorized dealer through the invite function and grow your seal. As an authorized brand-dealer it is additionally possible to label your products with the seal “Verified Product”.

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Brand Authorization in Real Time

Easily integrated the trust seal “Authorized Dealer” is visible to all shop visitors. Verified in real time it shows that the shop is authorized by the partner brand and thus speaks of the strong relationship between brand and shop.

Authorized Dealer -
Authorized Dealer -
Authorized Dealer -

Verification as Genuine Product

The trust seal “Verified Product” that is free of charge for shops increases safety and trust once more. Mark items as genuine brand products and make this visible to your customers. This way your patrons can be sure that the goods you offer are verified genuine products sold by an authorized dealer.

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Zertifikat-Seite für Onlineshop und Produkt

The Manufacturers’ Certificates

Authorized e-commerce dealers and genuine products are vertified tamper-proof by the manufacturers. Detailed information on supplier and product provide shop patrons with additional transparency and safety.

Bring Your Trust Building Processes to Perfection

Trustbuilding in eCommerce -
einfache Integration des Vertrauens-Siegels von

Easily Integrated!

The implementation of the trust seal is super easy. Just follow the implementation manual and integrate your free trust seal into your webshop.

Frequently asked Questions

Who will receive the trust seal?

The authorization will be awarded by brand manufacturers to authorized e-commerce dealers. Online shops that were confirmed by their brand dealers via can integrate the trust seal in their shops immediately – free of charge! In just a few steps online shops can invite their brand-dealers to confirm their authorization.

How will the trust seal be integrated?

The integration of the trust seal is particularly easy. We will provide you with comprehensive instruction how to integrate the trust seal in the app. After setting up an account with us you will receive your personal integration code for the trust seal which enables you to integrate the seal into your shop quick and easy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or need if you need support.

Is the integration of the trust seal for shops really free of charge?

Yes, for online shops the authorization and the implementation of trust seal are free of charges.

Can the integration of the trust seal have a negative effect on the loading times?

During the development of the trust seal our first priority was to avoid a negative effect on the loading times since we know that they critical for online shops. The contents of the trust seal are delivered directly from the Amazon cloud. In combination with tools like load balancing the seal is highly scalable to ensure functionality in times of heavy usage. Internationally leading companies put their trust like in AWS Amazon-Cloud.

Where will the trust seal be visible?

After integration of the code the trust seal usually appears on the right hand side of the online shop of authorized e-commerce dealers. In addition shops are also able to position the trust seal flexibly on their webpages.

How does the authorization process work?

The verification process operates through an API in real time or respectively the authorization will be verified automatically at least once a day. The basis for the verification process is the integration of the trust-seal or of the snippet-codes respectively.

Is it safe that only genuine products will be distributed?

Online shops authorized by brand manufacturers assure their customers and partner brands that they will only sell genuine products of the authorized brand. The customers can therefore be sure that products offered are verified originals sold by an authorized dealer of the brand.

Which different trust seals are available?

Basically two seals are available: Authorized dealers of brand manufacturers can request the seal “Authorized Dealer”. The seal “Verified Product” is used to designate genuine products. Technically only an integration code is needed to embed this seal. If the shop also integrates the product information provided by the manufacturer the global seal “Authorized Dealer” will automatically transform to the “Verified Product” seal. The integration is fast and easy.

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