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The best solution to regain control in e-commerce!

Das Shop-Zertifikat

Dealer Authorization in Real-Time

Through you can authorize specific e-commerce dealers to distribute your products in e-commerce in turn they are obligated to sell only genuine products of your brand. Provide your dealers with our trust seal for integration in their online shops traceable and visible for their customers. Tamper-proof and verifiable in real-time as well as connected with the respective shop and product licences – this seal produces trust and transparency.

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Das Lizenz-Center


The License Management Center enables you to activate new content licenses and to manage access and usage rights. You can also use the framework agreement for licenses to regulate the usage of your product data in e-commerce. Amending these template agreements with already existing stipulations is done easily, furthermore you can assign them on dealer, category or product level.

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Das Lizenz-Center
Zentrale Produktdatenverwaltung für eCommerce


The product-content-stream guarantees the consistency of your product information in e-commerce. Provide your product information to the authorized dealers on the category level through regardless of the branch of trade or the data structure. This way you provide your product data in easy and accessible fashion which shortens your time-to-market. Whether you import your data or implement it via an interface to the PIM already in use your content always will be up-to-date.

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Ihr Dashboard sorgt für Transparenz


Through you are able to actively manage the positioning of your brand in e-commerce. The dashboard provides you with valuable key data on the number and structure of your authorized dealers, on the use of the trust seal provided and on the consistency and the currentness of the product content in use.

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Ihr Dashboard sorgt für Transparenz
Erweitern Sie Ihr Netzwerk mit

E-Commerce Network

Invite new or existing dealers and expand the network of your e-commerce dealers. The invite option enables you to add an unlimited number of trade dealers in order to establish long lasting and stable business relationships. Synergize – together is better!

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The Best Solution For Your Company

Mehr Sicherheit für Marken, Shops und Kunden durch

A Safer Environment

Provide the customers of your e-commerce dealers with certainty that the offered products of your brand are certified originals.

Conversion steigern mit

Raise Your Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate by building trust through making your authorized dealers identifiable for the customers.

Markplatzsteuerung der Produktdaten durch

Marketplace Update

Decide whether your dealers are allowed to offer your products on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

Die Schnittstellen von


The software can easily be link with any existing product information management system through an interface straightforwardly and quick.

Autorisierte Online Shops - das Vertrauenssiegel von

Certificate and Trust Seal

Provide your e-commerce dealers with the public trust seal and the certificate that designates them as authorized dealers of your brand in real time.

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Invite All Your dealers!

Invite existing dealers, establish new business relationships and expand your verified e-commerce network.

Product-Content-Stream von


Ensure the consistency of your product information by specifically providing access and by receiving notifications in case they get updated.

Der Lizenz-Rahmenvertrag gibt Marken und Shops Sicherheit

License Management

Activate new content licenses and manage access and usage rights on dealer, category and product level.

Verstoß melden Funktion bei

Report Infringement

Learn about possible trademark infringement – through a built in reporting function for end customers.

Das Dashboard bietet Transparenz


The dashboard provides you with valuable key data on your dealers, the implementation of your content and the currentness of the product content in e-commerce.

Matching: Finden Sie neue eCommerce Partner mit

Matching (coming soon)

Find new business dealers that suit your needs in our platform network and expand your outlet market this way.

The best authorization solution for the distribution channel e-commerce

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Frequently asked questions on

Can I use free of charge?

Yes, using the basic features of the platform is free of charge. This includes among other functions the authorization of your e-commerce dealers. Furthermore, the are clearly marked premium features that entail costs. More information regarding the pricing can be found in the price list.

Is it possible to start using the software right away?

Yes, immediately after registering with us and completing the email verification process you will get access to the app. Then you can start to invite your e-commerce dealers for authorization and shared product information management.

Where will the trust seal be visible?

After integration of the code the trust seal usually appears on the right hand side of the online shop of your authorized e-commerce dealer. In addition your e-commerce dealer is also able to position the trust seal flexibly on their webpage.

Do I get support using the app?

Yes, in your account you will be supported by your personal assistant that offers detailed tours through the software and explains the functions of the app in depth. In addition our team is at your service via telephone or email. Initially we can also support you personally in setting up the software and loading up the product data which is subject to a fee.

How do I manage my e-commerce dealers?

Manage your authorized e-commerce dealers easy and with just one tool through the software. Our app enables you to manage your verified dealers and to provide the shops you selected with our trust seal and with up to date product information. Through the unlimited invite function you can add your existing business contacts to and expand your e-commerce network continuously.