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Manual Implementation

The trust seal shows your customers that you are a reliable brand-partner.

Copy the following java code:

(Attention: Please replace the variable productid with EAN-, oder GTIN-Code of the specific product page)

<script src=""></script>
  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
    new AuthorizedByBadge({
		position: 'right-two-thirds', 
                enableMobile: true,
                productId: 'PRODUCT_ID_HERE'

Paste the code into your shop template. The best place to add it is before the closing </body> – tag.

Tip: The file is usually called footer.php or something similar. In some shop systems there are dedicated entry fields in the administrator’s area for the implementation of java codes.

You have implemented your trust seal successfully.
The seal “Authorized Partner” is now available on every webpage of your shop. Now you can ask all of your brand partners to authorize your shop.

Optional configuration

Verify your products as genuine automatically

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Individual positioning and customization

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Alternative implementations

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Request authorizations now and increase your conversion rate

Boost your customers’ shopping experience by indicating that you are an authorized brand partner and by labeling your products as genuine.

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