Alternative implementations

(Island implementation)

When the trust-seal is integrated with Google Tag Manager

In addition to the standard implementation (floating at the right-hand side) you can embed your trust-seal also in shape of the “Island implementation” as a footer badge and additionally implement the seal “Verified Product” directly next to the product.

Footer Area of your shop “Authorized Partner” seal

Footer Authorized Partner -


Product page of your shop “Verified Product” seal

Produktseite Verified Original -

“Authorized Partner” seal for the footer area

Easily integrated the trust-seal “Authorized Partner” appears in the footer area of your web shop. Provided in real-time it shows your stable relationship with your partner brands to your shop visitors. This generates even more trust among your patrons and will boost your conversion rate.

(small: 192 x 190px)

Authorized Partner Seal Footer Island small -

(large: 282 x 269px)

Seal Footer Island large -

Integrated in just a few steps:

After the implementation through Google Tag Manager:
Please remove the positioning indication here position: ”right-two-thirds

<script src=""></script>
	new AuthorizedByBadge({
        enableMobile: true

Copy the code of the desired format of the “Authorized Partner” footer island seal and add it at the position in your footer area where you want to display your trust seal.

(small: 192 x 190px)

<div authorizedby="embedded-partner"></div>

(large: 282 x 269px)

<div authorizedby="embedded-partner:large"></div>

Your “Authorized Partner” trust seal is now implemented at the chosen position.

The product island seal “Verified Product”

Use the seal “Verified Product” to reassure your customers that the products you are offering are genuine. This helps to raise the trust levels of your web shop customers even more: They can be sure that they are purchasing an original product confirmed by an authorized vendor.


Small badge bottom -


Oval Badge -

Integrated in just a few steps:

Copy the code of the desired format of the product island seal (small or oval) and paste it at the position of your product template where you want to display the trust-seal.


<div authorizedby="embedded-original"></div>


<div authorizedby="embedded-original-oval"></div>


Especially reassuring your web shop customers that the offered products are genuine is generating high levels of trust and will therefore boost your conversion rate. It’s best to place this very valuable tool in close proximity of the “Add to cart” button.

Please note::
Besides the above-mentioned integration further requirements for the definite identification of the product and labeling it as a “Verified Product” are:

  1. The respective manufacturer has added the product identification (EAN) to the database.
  2. The shop has been specifically authorized to sell the particular product.
  3. The <span> element is readable in the source code of the product page (see product verification)

Your trust seal “Verified Product” is now available on your product page.

Request authorizations now and increase your conversion rate

Boost your customers’ shopping experience by indicating that you are an authorized brand partner and by labeling your products as genuine.

Maximize your benefits

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